The First presidency


The Chief Justice shall evaluate and recommend for promotion magistrates of the bench and Presidents of Courts of Appeal.

He shall send on mission all magistrates and non magistrate staff of the Supreme Court.  He shall place on leave magistrates and non magistrate staff.

Where the Chief Justice is unavoidably absent, the most senior President in the highest scale shall deputize for him. The same is true for the Procureur General in the management of leaves, evaluation and recommendation for promotion of legal officers and non magistrate staff of the said legal department. 



  • The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court;
  • Presidents of the Benches;
  • Judges of the Supreme Court;
  • Masters of the Supreme Court;
  • Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court;
  • The Registrar-in-Chief of the Supreme Court;
  • Registrars-in-Chief of the Benches; and Court Registrars.