The Legal Department

  • the Procureur General;
  • Senior Advocate General; and
  • Advocates General

The duties of the Legal Department of the Supreme Court shall be discharged by the Procureur General and, under his authority, by advocates General. 

The Procureur General shall assign Advocates General to Benches.

Where the Procureur General is unavoidably absent, the Senior Advocate General shall deputize for him.

Where the Senior Advocate General is unavoidably absent, he shall be replaced by the most senior Advocate General in the highest scale; where both Advocates General are of equal seniority, the older shall take precedence;

In the case of important lawsuits, the submissions of the Advocate General shall be forwarded to the Procureur General.

The Procureur General may, if he deems it appropriate, appoint another Advocate General or address the court himself.